earnestly yours, Kim

| my poetry of all things beyond happiness and the opposite of it |


Why is it

that the wounds in our hearts,

the pain, and the exhaustion,

can only be healed

by the ones who created them…



Called again, 2:54 in the morning.

Lying in bed, feeling completely alone,

only the words spoken through the phone,

a laugh shared, a silence unbothered,

even a picture,

a memory,

a thought,

kept her company at the loneliest hour

whether it’d be 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the morning,

anything said, anything heard,

was a part of the company he gave her

that was craved when she needed





wallowing in her loneliness,

made her cry over and over again,

like a broken record scratching,

and created an empty sea of her own despair…


she never wanted anything complicated.

all she wanted

was the simplest,

most human thing

anyone could’ve given her–

and that was to be held…..



a case of you

being so in love,

and feeling so alone

all at the same time,

so bitter, and so sweet

is having the sickening, and


case of you.



some nights are too hard to handle,

when you’re in bed,

wanting to hold his hand and

counting the seconds before you


some days,

you picture yourself

sitting at a cafe, waiting,

as he comes and hands you the hot chocolate he paid for,

or early grey tea, or whatever it may be.

one day, he’ll say the words

i love you,

and you’ll know he meant it,

and you’ll know you feel that too,

and you’ll know he is yours,

and you are his.


i blinked, and

blinked, and


and he just wasn’t there. there wasn’t a he to look forward to.

he ceased to exist.



And slowly,

the waves washed up on the shore,

and gently brushed up against her toes,

as he stood behind her,

and his lips brushed up against her neck.


Her Light, Her Love

to the longing ones

He was light,

and she- darkness.

Heaven was in her hands,

as they intertwine fingers,

and wrap each other in their arms.


ceased to exist

the moment they locked eyes…

Darkness existed,

once the light-


was gone…

She needed her light,

she needed him.



One Last Time

Grasping the air

as if it were his hands,

she needed to hold onto him,

just one last time,

before he became

a memory floating in within the air.


Kiss me.

With no meaning,

no intentions,

no purpose.

Waiting for the warmth

of his lips to touch


and linger all over me,

I just wanted him to

kiss me.